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Pollution Prevention and Open Dumps

Open Dump Reporter

Open Dump Reporter

Citizens can use this form to notify DEP officials of local dump sites. Complaints can be made anonymously or you can include your name and address or telephone number so that an investigator can contact you if needed. By reporting open dumps, individuals not only help to beautify our state, but also help to put a stop to the degradation of our land. It is not a requirement to fill out all fields. However, the more complete the information the greater the chance that the dump will be cleaned up and violators prosecuted.

File Open Dump Complaint

* Required Fields
Contact Information:
State: Zip:
If you select yes, your identity and contact information will be kept anonymous. If you select no, your identity and contact information will become public record.
Keep Complaint Anonymous? *
Type of Complaint:
Violators Information:(If Known)
State: Zip:
Description of Vehicle involved:
License Number:
Description of Activity: *
(For example, dumping at night, dumping in the stream, throwing old tires over the hill, etc)
Site County: *
GPS Coordinates of Site:
Latitude: Deg Min Sec
Longitude: Deg Min Sec
Directions to Site: *
(Please describe how to find the site and any identifying landmarks)
Additional Info:

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