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LRS Online Application

You must come to this page directly.

If you get "The page cannot be displayed" when attempting to open the Login page below please click on this link first:

This area is the starting point for filling out an online Licensed Remediation Specialist application. If you are interested in completing an online application, please follow the procedures below. Click here for guidance on completing an application and for an example of a well-documented application (PDF document).
  • If you have never registered for a login and password, do so now by clicking the following link. Request user login.
  • Once your login has been assigned, you will be sent an invoice for the $300.00 application fee.
  • On that invoice will be a user name and password for filling out the application.
  • Mail the tear off stub on the application with your $300.00 fee to the address indicated.
  • Complete the online application

If you have your user name and password, then click HERE to begin the application.

If you do not have your user name and password, but would like to take a tour of the online application process, then use the user name and password below. You must enter them both in upper case.

  • User Name: TOUR
  • Password: GUIDE

Click HERE to tour the online application.

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