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Explanation of the Capsa Susun Games

Explanation Of The Capsa Susun Games

The Capsa susun games is very popular with players because of its simple gameplay. So that the players can easily understand the game.

In addition, the Capsa Susun games can be enjoyed online or offline, of course any player can use the time to make betting much more efficient and practical.

Because of this, any gamer can play Capsa Susun with a safer security system, of course, gamer can easily come to satisfactory luck.

Capsa Susun Games Cards

Capsa Susun is the most popular game in Indonesia. This game is quite simple to understand, of course, any player can easily make big wins. The Capsa Stacking game uses 52 playing cards that can be played by 2 to 4 players, then all players receive 13 cards from the dealer.

Explanation Of The Capsa Susun Games

After that, you need to arrange the cards correctly and correctly so that you can beat your opponent more easily. Before doing this, the first thing you need to know is how to arrange the cards. Where the deck capsa has 3 ranks of cards to be formed, such as 3 cards placed on the top level, 5 cards placed on the middle level, and 5 cards placed on the lowest level.

Then the Capsa Susun has the highest to lowest card rankings including:

  1. Royal Flush is a level of 5 cards that are lined up and have the same symbol.
  2. Straight Flush is a level of 5 cards that are lined up and have the same symbol.
  3. Four of a kind is a level made up of 4 cards of the same kind and 1 free card.
  4. Full House is a level made up of 3 cards and 2 cards of the same suit.
  5. Flush is a level of 5 cards that are not consecutive but are of the same suit.
  6. Straight is a level of 5 cards in a row, but the card symbol is free.
  7. Three of a kind is a level made up of 3 cards of the same kind and 2 free cards.
  8. Two pair is a level of 2 pairs of similar cards and 1 free card.
  9. A pair corresponds to the level of 1 pair of similar cards and 3 free cards.
  10. High Card is the level of the card with the lowest value.

Understanding the process of playing Capsa Stacking is sure to ensure that the game can be played correctly. If you can beat the opponent with the highest order, it will be easier for you to make big wins.

If you don’t want to struggle with stacking capsa, the first thing you should know is the rules of the game. That way you won’t make mistakes that can lead to losses.

Also, you need to prepare as much capital as possible so that it can be easily used to place bets. Therefore, you need to top up the balance with the transaction first. Where to use Bank Central Asia, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and Bank Mandiri accounts. Because of this, transactions can be processed much easier and faster.

In order to enjoy Capsa Stacking to your heart’s content, you need to be mindful of the value of the bet you are trying to place. Avoid excessive installation so as not to cause large losses. This is because if you win the bet you can make big profits. To do this, one needs to have the finances in place so that it is enough to enjoy capsa stacking.

Then live the Capsa susun games in peace so you don’t make a fatal mistake. Where to avoid not rushing to gamble for a much more satisfactory income. To do this, use concentration for good results visit situs capsa online. / Dy

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