Gravel game racing review is the definitive off-road challenge. When you decide to play Gravel, you can do many interesting things like explore exotic locations, drive iconic vehicles in extreme conditions, defy the champions, and become the ultimate Offroad Master. Milestone has succeeded in presenting a racing game that is complete with a challenging sensation and is so exciting to play.

Gravel Game Racing Review Celebrates Off-Road Racing

Why can this game be called celebrates off-road racing? Gravel game racing review celebrates off-road racing by taking you to exotic locations around the world. You will have the best off-road experience with some of the most exciting vehicles ever created. As a developer, Milestone has managed to bestow each location with an authentic level of detail and makes the competition fun for everyone who plays it.

As a fun arcade racing, Gravel offers photorealistic graphics, dynamic time of day and weather system that supports every detail of the graphic display in the game. Besides, there are accessible physics that can be enjoyed by everybody. You will also enjoy breath-taking locations that can race at full speed rushing through forests, snowy mountains, dunes, deserts, impressive lighting and particle effects which are so challenging.

This off-road racing sim game which is also included in this arcade racing game can provide such a pleasant sensation that it is very suitable to be played whenever you want. As an off-road game, Gravel racing game review is more focused on simulating down-and-dirty off-road action. So that this will provide a pleasant experience in a way that is so unique and interesting.

Even though it is included in an off-road game, Gravel is still easy to play because it can be accessed more quickly. You will also have several pre-race options that allow you to customize the car settings. In this case, you have to know about the right control for acceleration and the left trigger for braking. Even though it looks very simple, you can adjust the difficulty setting from one race to another.

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Attractive Audio Visual Display Gravel Game Racing Review

Gravel game racing reviews can be very intense with the various control features provided. You will hear a fantastic sound like the sound of a motorbike so loud roaring around you on all sides. You will find this on most of the existing tracks because this is an off-road game. The sensation of mud and dirt flying everywhere before you hit the lake will also make the game feel more real.

The AI ​​system that is presented allows you to cheat. Why can you cheat? When pairing the game with aggressive AI, you might as well be desperately riding on other cars to grab the edge while they are cornering. Milestone manages to bring the real world off-road through the perfect crusher machine. So don’t be surprised if you will often find the moment of cars being crushed and staggering from many major crashes.

The Gravel game racing review looks even more attractive with the many interesting contents provided. You can choose to play Cross Country which is the most fun career mode. In this option, you will experience how to race on a point to point track filled with checkpoints. You will be pushed to race to the limit with long straights through wild locations and lots of jumps that can cause crashes.

Apart from that, the Wild Rush course comes a little more conservative by keeping the natural atmosphere through the shorter circular tracks with laps. There is also a choice of the Stadium circuit which has a congested route due to being clogged by truck drivers and often resulting in collisions.

For the Speed ​​Cross option, you will feel a unique sensation because the half asphalt and half ground tracks are not that spectacular. However, this track fits perfectly with the aesthetic design of the off-road Gravel. Whichever story mode you choose, they’re all perfect for fun.

Gravel Game Racing Review Presents A Variety Of Interesting Content

It’s no secret that the Grave game racing presents a lot of interesting contexts to follow. The wide variety of off-road tracks is complemented by a great variety of vehicle types in the list of 70 strong people in this game.

Various options such as Porsche, Toyota, Ford, and many others will increasingly attract racing game players. There are also various forms of trucks, clapping bangers, and speedsters that originated in the 1970s so that you can more freely choose your car and race.

You can choose between vehicles and styles by levelling up with Style Points. These points will be accumulated through the winning race and also the actions you have taken during the race. The action in the Gravel game racing review is quite tame, like the wildest jumps and drifts. To find an enormous amount of content, you can try Off-Road Masters mode. This mode is a fictional championship that takes you on a world tour of the tracks to beat the Off-Road Master himself, Sean Walker. In this story mode, you will get many hours of gameplay and experience a very wide variety of games to ensure that you can experience all that Milestone has to offer.

The best thing about Off-Road Masters mode is that it’s a fun experience to beat the various racing masters you’ll face. As a racing master, Sean Walker himself has an extravagant personality that fits perfectly into the clever one-on-one fights you have to do. This one on one game can be a special highlight because it feels so tense.

Besides, the online multiplayer ps4 mode in the Gravel game racing review offers regular Gravel rates as well as King’s Rush and Capture the Flag, which is quite interesting. Both are equally enjoyable offerings. If you can Capture the Flag in particular, then you will have a fantastic racing experience with friends.

Gravel Game Racing Review Detail

-Adjustable driving model
-Competitive AI
-Lots of track variations
-The Off-Road Master Mode is just so interesting
-A thrilling sense of speed
-Fun cross country racing

-Bland audio presentation
-Visuals less subtle
-Less detailed track design
-Multiplayer is less attractive

Game Details
Developer: Milestone Srl
Publisher: Milestone and Square Enix
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: February 27, 2018
Price: $ 27.95 at Amazon

Visual: 80%
Performance: 80%
Story: 75%
Audio: 75%
Price: 70%


The best thing about Off-Road Masters mode is that it’s a fun experience to beat the various racing masters you’ll face. As a racing master, Sean Walker himself has an extravagant personality that fits perfectly into the clever one-on-one fights you have to do

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