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How to Play Gates of Olympus Slots

How to Play Gates of Olympus Slots

Gates of Olympus is one of the slot games offered by a major judi online slot provider in Indonesia, which is Pragmatic Play. Gate of Olympus is included in a slot that has a high RTP of up to 90%, so Gate of Olympus is nominated for a slot with a fairly high RTP as Gate of Olympus is enough to get the attention of slot players to draw. We’re here this time to explore how to play Gate of Olympus so you can win without a lot of capital.

This slot is easy to play because all you have to do is wait for the multiplication to go down without waiting for the scatter. And you can settle down to 5000x the total bet! If you are lucky, the multiplication will be added to your total winnings when you play the slot. For example in the round you won a total of 50,000,000, then a multiplication of 100 and 25 and 10 fell. Then your total winnings are 50,000 x 100 + 25 + 10 = 50,000 x 135 = 6,750,000 !!! easy right?

How To Play Gates Of Olympus Slots
Gates of Olympus

The Benefits of Play Gates of Olympus Slots

The Gates of Olympus slot has the advantage of a high RTP, but gives you a relaxed gaming heart. You can shorten the chance of getting a scatter instantly by buying it with a certain face value according to the bet calculation you have placed. When you buy Scatter you increase your chances of doubling the multiplayer provided by this provider. This can be used as one of the strategies to win by entrusting the multiplication of the number of wins in your bet. With this convenience, this slot machine game can be played with different types of the same game model depending on your playing style.

Different types of multiplayer are offered, reaching up to 1,200 times the multiplayer you can get in the game. This of course gives him an edge as there are a large number of multiplayer games so the payout amount for your bet is even higher. Since there is a specific multiplayer mode, those of you using the game model. Buying scatters directly can be turned into winning by multiplying your bets by the multiplayer stake you get by buying scatter.

Cons of Gates of Olympus Slots

Gates of Olympus has a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of while playing. This slot machine has quite a lot of reels, which makes this slot machine quite an effort to combine each symbol. The large number of reels also makes the chances of the symbol falling very different. Increasing the number of chances that the symbol will fall unnecessarily. Many reels can also result in wasting your credit for free. If you often bet with large denominations but fail to make a winning combination and not have a bonus spread that goes down as far as you wager. You need to be extra careful with your bankroll when playing, especially for those of you who like to play with the auto-spin feature. So that your bankroll is not wasted with no results.

Tutorial on How to Play Gates of Olympus Slots

For those of you who don’t know how to best play this slot game, just buy a scatter. This can have a pretty big impact on your game as it offers the opportunity to increase the existing multiplayer and multiply the winnings. With this trick, you will be able to minimize the wasting of funds on nothing as you will be continuously spinning which doesn’t necessarily give you your advantage. Buying scatters is a special strategy to get the most out of your credit. Keep in mind that having a large number of reels will take a lot of spins to get free scatters. / Dy

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